I'll add various video/gif about the gameplay here soon! I promise! :vanilla:

Test Gameplay of a spellcard
Row Switching + Invisible
Sprite Animation
Garbage similar to Tetris Battle
Normal Difficulty - Reisen's Spellcard


I've been working on TouhouMino's netplay code recently and I've fixed most desynchronisation issues. The new version will be 2.00 and will contain netplay with it's own server. I've also worked on this website for displaying TouhouMino.


You can download the latest TouhouMino by clicking the link below.

TouhouMino 1.17

Here's the Beta version of TouhouMino 2.00 which you can try by downloading it below.

TouhouMino 2.00 (Beta Build R1)

Welcome to the official TouhouMino website! I hope you enjoy your visit, there's not much yet but I'm working on it! You can join the official steam group by clicking the link below. You can also contact me at [email protected]

Steam Group