2.00 - Netplay Update (Coming soon)

  • Added Netplay
  • Fixed crashes that could happen when a spellcard start out of bound
  • Fixed exit not being selectable
  • Fixed Modifiers issues with GM

1.17b - Fix Update

  • Fixed general options

1.17a - Fix Update

  • Fixed crash at normal ending

1.17 - Major Update

  • Added Lunatic spellcards*
  • Added Easy spellcards
  • Added bombs effect
  • Added a new bomb
  • Made the text slighty bigger
  • Added a new system of font, now lowercase supported!
  • Added Remilia blood macro skin
  • Added automatic updater(More a downloader)
  • Added a new garbage system!
  • Added loop in music reducing the size from 128 MB to 30 MB
  • Added froggy garbage lines skin
  • New Check for update
  • Moved lib folder into the .exe
  • Fixed annoying flash again
  • Fixed spellcards using hebo system still going during continue
  • Changed Yukari's trollish idea to be less trollish for Hard difficulty.
  • Changed the big spritesheets to squared size, meaning the gpu max texture size minimum requirement to run the game is now 2048*2048 instead of 16384*16384
  • Cleaned the code a lot, not like that's visible for you guys
  • Nerfed Reisen in Hard difficulty
  • Revamped Cirno map
  • Fixed Options's game tuning skin
  • Fixed easy texts
  • Fixed Sakuya Skin block
  • Fixed Level up animation on restart
  • Fixed hebo system in easy still going after death.


* Lunatic difficulty now consist of 29 levels and a total of 61 spellcards!

1.16c - Fix Update

  • Remove gravity bomb in Lunatic
  • Fixed bonus renderer for normal/hard

1.16b - Fix Update

  • Added an effect at reisen for both difficulties.
  • Added trollish idea at yukarin
  • Fixed an exploit.

1.16a - Yes a fix update but BUT It's small!

  • Fixed last spellcard image being used wrongly.

1.16_special_01 - Kind of a fix update!

  • Added some files in the lib folder that should fix issues for some people having problems running the game.

1.16_special - Not a fix Update!

  • Wrapped most of the files into the .exe reducing the size.

1.16 - 27/10/2013 Update

  • Added voices
  • Added Caution animation
  • Added perfect clear animation
  • Added many many graphicals stuff
  • Changed some sounds effects
  • Made sakuya evil too >:) for Hard only of course
  • Fixed hold working with bomb
  • Fixed some text
  • Fixed a typo which probably made the last spellcard in Normal harder than I expected
  • Fixed a typo in one of the spellcard's name
  • Fixed a bug in nullpomino causing hard pieces at suwako


I went pretty crazy with this update maybe even too far? Like too far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Thanks to PaulPH for the help with photoshop stuff!

Lets hope this time I don't have to do a fix update right after!

1.15b/c - Bug Update (Yeah adding bugs because fixing is getting old)

  • Fix Orin's spellcard being able to kill you
  • Changed some more stuff about BOMB TYPE D
  • Various changes
  • Removed garbage from pressing a/180 rotation (1.15c)
  • Lowered bomb time to 10 sec
  • Added Nyan sounds at orin
  • Added about 1337 new bugs, check them out!

1.15a - Fix Update (Again, it's almost like a mandatory)

  • Fix Timer for last spell card & Bonus Timer
  • Fix Garbage falling during BOMB TYPE D
  • Fix Cascade debug
  • Changed hold multiplayer to x1.5
  • Changed some spellcard stuff
  • Switched to 7zip
  • Half points for using TOUHOUMINO_LUNATIC in others difficulty
  • Added Garbage colours
  • Added skin to hurry up in Hard mode

1.15 - 07/10/2013 Update

  • Fix Timer stopping during ARE
  • Fix the messed up string .rul
  • Improved BOMB TYPE C
  • Added BOMB TYPE D
  • Various small changes

1.14a - Fix

  • Fix some hold issues in some spellcards
  • Fix s30 skin.
  • Finally fix the events happening at the end caused by a really really hard to find bug*


* That bug, THAT BUG. Seriously... That bug is caused by the seed relooping at the ending giving you the pieces you got at the beginning of the game, including the so hardPiece by aya and such. It seems the max is 1400 pieces i've changed it to 2800 pieces fixing the problem. I've figured this out because the ending had the same hard pieces than the one I got in the beginning.

1.14 - Fix & Suggestion Update

  • Fix spellcard still working on hard reset (J)
  • Removed free cascade from remilia in hard mode (Fix skipping thanks to Teatube)
  • Added Classic3 as selectable rules, I personally cannot play with Classic3 AT ALL! So hat to the guy who upload a video completing it with Classic3. As I can't play with it, I cannot test it so reporting bugs about it would be nice (if there's any)
  • Added bomb type C hope people like it, it was a suggestion.
  • Fixed game starting without being able to choose settings (Needed to use "J" button as workaround)*
  • Added 3 bombs earnable by scores (1M 2M 3M)
  • Survival spellcards give a bonus if you don't bomb based on your playing (doing tetrises/t-spins while being in survival should give you way more score than doing nothing!
  • Fixed some of the reimu last spell bugs being really but really annoying.**
  • Changed hold visibility to vanish when you can't use it and "???" for just messing with you !
  • Added score based on the approved rules***
  • Fixed the piece getting stuck in the blocks usually happening at sanae and such!


* - That bug was so hard to find, basically when you press the navigation button to start/retry the game think you're also confirming your settings skipping the setting screen. menuTime variable should reset but it didn't so I just did a workaround ONLY for touhoumino mode so other modes still has the problem, which can be fixed with "J" anyway.

** Having hard time to figure out why some of my events are triggering, still I think it should be fine now.

*** Any non-approved rules get their score halfed while GM get their score doubled!

Easy mode needs more spellcards. but they should be easy spell cards. like Cirno should have Ice Sign: Icicle Fall Easy, which gives you ice colored I pieces for the duration of the spell card. Smile.png"

I don't have enough ideas for easy spellcards for easy mode, unless someone give me a fair enough list (not a lot of spellcards though) I would maybe implement it!

1.13 - Major Update

  • Added new fonts
  • Added new spellcard bonus calculation/graphics
  • Added new graphics
  • Added new effects
  • Added an extra boss for easy, now 400 lines! (not spoiling it!)
  • Moved many stuff, text etc.
  • Added score multipliers in menu.
  • Changed Aya in Hard from friendly to evil, really evil >:)
  • Changed Patchouli in Hard to something less annoying (IMO)
  • Changed Cirno,Orin,Okuu,Sakuya (Notificable I guess)
  • Changed Bomb type B, this might make some people mad, but that way it doesn't glitch spellcards anymore.

1.12 - Misc again?

  • Correctly added background 2 lol
  • Changed cirno background !
  • Moved starting point of cirno's spellcard in hard
  • Removed rumia stage
  • Also different spellcard effect for hard difficulty
  • Changed cirno bgm stage
  • Changed koakuma bgm stage

1.11A - Fix update

  • Fix the score not saving when dying(REALLY -.-")

1.11 - Misc update

  • Fix the score not saving when completing the game.
  • Changed Stage 2 background (oldback*.png) to change back
  • Changed Stage 1 theme & stage 8 theme (oldbgm* to change back)

1.10a - Fixes Bomb

  • Fix DAS & ARE bomb's spell effect.
  • Fix Mokou's spellcard in Lunatic

1.10 - Continue update

  • Added continue (up to 2 time)
  • Score are not saved if used.

1.09b - Cascade Debug

  • Fix Cascade not turning off.

1.09a - Fixes stuff

  • Added Cascade for debug, fun stuff
  • Fix bombs properties for replays

1.09 - Bombs Update

  • Added bombs (with F Button to activate)
  • Added 2 type of bomb
  • Added descriptions
  • Added failed bonus
  • Fixed last boss title in Hard (Missing FINAL)
  • Added bombs score, Finishing the game with bombs give 250k per bomb

1.08 - First time changelogs

  • Added check for updates
  • Added url.txt for downloads
  • Added changelogs.txt
  • Added comments about changelogs in changelogs.txt
  • Added changeception

I've been working on TouhouMino's netplay code recently and I've fixed most desynchronisation issues. The new version will be 2.00 and will contain netplay with it's own server. I've also worked on this website for displaying TouhouMino.


You can download the latest TouhouMino by clicking the link below.

TouhouMino 1.17

Here's the Beta version of TouhouMino 2.00 which you can try by downloading it below.

TouhouMino 2.00 (Beta Build R1)

Welcome to the official TouhouMino website! I hope you enjoy your visit, there's not much yet but I'm working on it! You can join the official steam group by clicking the link below. You can also contact me at [email protected]

Steam Group